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Walter sen.

Excellent food is near to Walter Sr.’s heart. Lovingly he attends to our guests and spoils them with culinary specialities.


Marianne has great organisational skills. Be it any kind of reception work or the organization of our breakfast – without her, nothing works.

Walter jun.

To make our guests feel good, Walter Jr. sees to full plates and glasses.


Birgit, Walter Sr.’s sister, tidies up our rooms. In the evenings, she provides strong support to the kitchen staff.


Maria-Luise is the helping hand of our chef the cuisine and commits herself to special culinary delights.


Helga, a trained confectioner, is our secret weapon. She helps whenever and wherever she can.


Together with Birgit, Waltraut tidies up our rooms, but she also strongly supports the kitchen staff.


Walter’s Inn is a family-run business living by the motto “Come as a guest and leave as a friend!”

We are doing our best to offer you the highest standard of comfort in a homely atmosphere and to make your stay a unique and unforgettable experience.

We have always liked to blend old and new. Thus, we have constantly developed and innovated within the last few years.

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